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Saving Your Film

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Getting it Ready to Submit

When your Ten Second Film is finished, you'll need to save it as an mpeg, mpg, avi, mov, or Quicktime file, at a dimension of 320 pixels x 240 pixels.

It must have the extension .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, or .mov e.g. "MyFilm.mpg".

Your file must be no bigger than 6MB. If necessary, to reduce your file to that size, you may need to lower the frame rate (15 frames per second will look fine), or reduce the quality of the audio (i.e. by using mono instead of stereo, or a lower sampling rate). Your editing software will let you easily adjust these settings.

Your film does not need to have a title screen, although you can include one as part of the ten seconds if you want. You'll have a chance to enter the title when you submit the film.

When your film is ready to go, you can submit it to the competition.

All submissions must be uploaded via this site. We don't accept submissions in any other form.

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