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Legal Requirements

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VERY IMPORTANT: If you don't follow the requirements below, we can't accept your film. So please read carefully.

Filming People and Places

If people appear in your film, and if their faces are clearly recognizable, you must have each of them sign a Model Release Form. However, a public domain image of a person e.g. a photo of Abraham Lincoln from the Library of Congress (if it's definitely in the public domain) will be okay.

If your film contains a recognizable private place, you must obtain a Premises Permit for it.

(If you can't open these forms, download the free Acrobat Reader)


You cannot use any music in your film even as background music unless you have the copyright to that music. However, if the music is royalty free (with unlimited performance rights granted), no problem.


No recognizable trademarks can appear in your film. For example, your film cannot show the words "Coca-Cola," or the "Nike" logo. If any trademarks appear in your film, it is a trademark violation (unless you happen to own the trademark).

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