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Help: Frequently asked questions.

What is the Ten Second Films competition?
The Ten Second Films Competition requires users to submit digital videos ten seconds long.

In our inaugural competition, we were thrilled by the quality and quantity of submissions that came in: 1,000 films were submitted, and about 200 made the first cut and were published on the site. These published films were then rated by visitors to the site, and the top 20 user-rated films became Finalists. The Finalists were reviewed by our panel of judges, and the three winning films were announced on March 27. We thank everyone who submitted and rated so many wonderful films, and we'll be announcing the next competition soon.

If you want us to keep you posted about the next competition, please enter your email address in the orange box to the left.

Is the competition free to enter?
Yes, there's no entrance fee.

Where does the competition take place?
Entirely online: submitting, screening and voting all take place on this site.

Does my Ten Second Film have to be about anything in particular?
No, it can be about anything.

Can I enter more than one film?
Yes you can enter as many films as you'd like.

What are the technical and legal requirements?
For information on this, please visit the Create page.

What sort of equipment do I need to make a Ten Second Film?
Not much: just a digital still camera or a video camera, and a computer. More details here.

Need further information?
Please contact help@tensecondfilms.com or read our Press Release.

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