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Judges: What makes a great Ten Second Film? We brought together some innovative filmmakers to help figure it out.

About the judging process: Films that made the first cut were published on the competition site, where they were rated by visitors. The top 20 user-rated films became Finalists. The judges reviewed these finalists to pick the First, Second, and Third place winners.

David Wild

In the 1980s, while he was a film student at USC, Mr. Wild pioneered the concept of ten second films which he described as "Midwestern haiku." His USC thesis led to a series of "Ten Second Films" on MTV. Since then, his production company, Wild Scientific, has created television commercials for clients like IBM, Saturn, and Honda. Mr. Wild has won numerous advertising awards, including a DGA best commercial director nomination in 1997. Wild Scientific is based in Santa Monica, CA.

Melanie Crean

Director of Moving Image at Eyebeam, a new media arts organization in New York City, Ms. Crean is a video, installation and effects artist who has exhibited in the United States and Europe. Her experience also includes working at the MTV Digital Television Lab, where she designed special effects, performance animation, motion capture and speech recognition systems. Recently, she co-created Oculus, a site-specific video installation in New York's Grand Central Terminal.

Jake Abraham

Jake Abraham has worked in various capacities, including post-production supervisor, on all nine InDigEnt (Independent Digital Entertainment) films. In 2003, he begins a new role at InDigEnt as producing partner with Gary Winick, and will oversee the production of all future InDigEnt titles. Mr. Abraham previously served as associate producer on Winick's "Tadpole" (Best director, Sundance 2002), and production supervisor on Richard Linklater's DV feature film "Tape" (Sundance 2001).

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